Alps Motor

Finance Limited


We conduct all our business transactions in a fair and transparent way and everything we do stands the test of public scrutiny.

Care & Concern

We value our employees and other stakeholders and care for their satisfaction and well being at all times.


We are committed to fulfill our promises to all our stakeholders and our valuable clients on time.


We drive a passion for excellence in our work and continuously strive to improve our performance. We believe in doing work perfectly.


Our Company carry the business of Agency, trading , sale ,purchase , resale , repurchase , dealing , hiring, letting on hire , financing , loan advancing , and advance on any kind of securities. Company also provide as leasing and financing advisory / counseling services to another entities and also involved in financing operations and perform financing services including factoring , making of loans , both short and long terms. The Company also preventing financing, credit facilities at manual terms and conditions, assisting in financing on deferred payments ,all types of properties , irrespective of new and old/used.

Apart from this, we are providing the following services:-

  • To carry on and undertake the business of Agency, trading, sale, purchase, re-sale, repurchase, dealing, hiring, letting on hire, financing, all types of automobiles, motor, vehicles, plant and machinery industrial/commercial/consumer products, electronic goods, ships and aircrafts.
  • To provide as leasing and financing advisory/counseling services to other entities.
  • To carry out financing operations and perform financing services including factoring, making of loans, both short and long term.